Venus Fly Trap

Venus Fly Trap

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Grow your own Venus Flytrap! Plant the seeds and watch your carnivorous plants grow. Venus Flytraps are a living, breathing testimony of the prehistoric era. Kids and adults alike will love this cool growing kit.

You'll probably notice less flies and insects in your household. That's because they are eaten by the Venus Flytrap! The plant's jaws close around objects and convents them to energy.

Includes instructions, Venus flytrap seeds and Planter pot
Ages 8+

Please Note: It is important not to stick your fingers in the Venus Flytrap. The plant will close, thinking that your finger is food. While this won't hurt you, it will hurt the plant. It takes a lot of energy for a Venus Flytrap to close and if this is not rewarded with sustenance the plant will sadly die.

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