Inside Activity Kits

Inside Activity Kits


Each activity kit comes packaged ready for your child to open and explore.  

A cover page to introduce the kit and spark your childs interest.


A handy "Adult Guide" that gives you some support for the kit, suggestions for helping your child and key safety notes if necessary.  These include references to the Australian Curriculum to link the contents of the kit to what your child is learning at school.  As the kits are designed to be able to be performed independently you many never need to reference these.


The materials needed to complete the kit.  With the exception of a pen and maybe water, the kits contain all of the materials your child will need to complete the activities.  None of that annoying "you forgot the batteries" or "you need to run to the shop to get ..." to use STEM Nest Activity Kits!


The actual worksheets packed full of activities and interesting information and learning.  Through these your child will explore, enjoy and not even realise that they are learning.


and here is the complete kit that has been removed from the packaging.