Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


I don’t know much about STEM, is that ok?
Absolutely, getting involved and encouraging your child is all we ask.  The kits are designed to allow the child to work through the material without assistance.  Each activity kit comes with some Adult information which will give you a few pointers and there will often be urls to point you to more information.


Do I need to run out and buy other things to use the kits?

No!  This is one of those modern-day annoyances - getting home with a new thing and working out you need to go back to the shop to be able to use it.  STEM Nest Activity Kits will include the materials needed to do the activities, including the batteries if they are required.  There will be enough materials provided to allow the child to work through the kit.  At most there may be a few basic things from around the house that are needed like a pen/pencil, a cup, measuring spoon, some water.  If your child gets over-excited and doesn’t follow the instructions and uses everything up, let us know and we can provide some more materials for a small cost.  As all children are different we must rely on your judgement whether it is better to hold back the materials until they need them for the next activity. 

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My child has learning difficulties, do you have anything that they could use?

As every child is different we don’t have a standard answer for this.  We believe that every child should have the opportunity to enjoy STEM.  Get into contact with us and we will explore what options there are.


I have more than 1 child, is there any discount on the subscription?

Potentially with the shipping costs.  Get into contact with us and your specific circumstances and we will see what can be offered.


There is a topic that my child wants to explore, when will it appear in an Activity Kit?

That depends on what it is and if we have already produced the material.  We believe that an interested and engaged child will is something to nurture so let us know.  Some topics are just not suitable in this context of quick activities with minimal supervision due to safety considerations so may not be possible.  We are looking to add the idea of a “weekend activity kit” in the future where some of these more involved or potentially more dangerous topics can be explored.


The children are really enjoying exploring all the materials in the kits and would like to continue experimenting with them.  Can you provide more?

Absolutely.  Let us know what you are after and we can provide these for a small cost.


What will my kit look like?

Each Activity Kit will come with five A4 pages and the necessary materials for the week, neatly packaged to provide a handy “Invitation to Learn”.  Most months you will receive 4 of these kits in your delivery.  Some months you will receive 5 Activity Kits to ensure there is one kit per week even when payment dates don’t align.


I want to play with the materials too (or … why do I miss out, that looks like fun!)

Of course you can and we completely understand and have spent many hours ourselves exploring and playing with the materials.  Let us know what you are after and we can provide these for a small cost.  We can even do bigger/bulk orders too.


What if the child is struggling?

No worries, let us know and we can swap to the previous level


What if my child wants more?

Easy, we can provide the next level kits or additional kits (for a cost).  It is worth noting that along the lines of repetition reinforces the concepts and the learning sometimes it is good if something is “easy”.  Where it is a good idea to look at moving to the next level is if your child is getting bored.  We can always include the occasional higher level while your child is transitioning if requested.


What age/ability are the kits designed for?

Australian primary school students, Reception or Foundation year, through to year 7.


How independent are the activities?

The kits are designed to allow your child to work through them on their own (this doesn’t mean you can’t be involved).  Sometimes a small amount of help may be needed to avoid spills and the like.  The “Adult Information” will provide an indication of how much help may be needed.


How much time do the Activity Kits take?

Each kit is deigned to take 10-20 minutes per day and this is the feedback we have received from the children involved in our product testing.  Many of the kits can be done slower or faster depending on the child’s interest or available time.  Some kits are time sensitive, like growing seeds, or freezing ice and where there is a time constraint it will be clearly indicated.


What if we don’t finish all 4 in a week? 

No worries, most activities don’t have a set time – do the kit over 1 week or 4, whatever works for your household.  Some activities do have elements of time constraints and where these exist they will be clearly marked. 


Can girls join in too?

Of course. 

STEM is for all and at STEM Nest we firmly believe that both boys and girls can pursue an interest in STEM.  STEM Nest is run by a female and many of the Activity Kits are produced by females.