Bean Me Up Kids Collection

Bean Me Up Kids Collection

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Magic Beans – The Ultimate in Unique Gifts

Bean Me Up aren’t just little beans in lovely packaging, they’re filled with delight and purpose designed to lift the spirit of their recipients.  Something that grows, something infused with messages of love, or kind thoughts, or wishes of pure joy.  These beans are messages communicated in a magical form. 

Bean Me Up truly are the gift that keeps on giving… and growing!

The Kids Collection is a delightful family collection. As these magic beans grow the words Grow, Learn, Play and Explore miraculously appear. Nurture the beans with your children each day and discover the words as they appear. A wonderful learning and sensory experience the whole family can enjoy.


What are Magic Beans?

They’re magic. And they’re beans!
Magic beans are the ‘Jack Bean’ (Canavalia Ensiformis). These fairy-tale beans are actually a common legume. The ‘Jack Bean’ is a twining plant which can grow up to 1 metre in height through different climbing methods. It has deep roots which helps it to remain drought resistant and likes a bit of warm – best grown between 18 – 25 c. If you popped a ‘Jack Bean’ in the ground it would probably spread via long runners and can flower with a pink/purple bloom. 
Each Magic Bean has a word or image laser engraved on the central pod (the seed) that gows with the sead.  The meassage does not appear on the leaves.

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