STEM Nest Pty Ltd

Welcome to STEM Nest, where we believe that every child should have the opportunity to experience all that STEM can offer.  STEM covers all areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics and has a renewed focus within the Australian school curriculum. 

STEM Nest Activity Kits are the perfect way to help your Primary School child in Australia build and grow their STEM knowledge and interest while having plenty of fun at home.  We want children to connect their understanding of STEM so they can understand the world and creatively solve problems in their daily lives, further studies and future careers.

What are STEM Nest Activity Kits?

Activity Kits are designed to show that STEM can be fun and it is useful in our daily lives, while growing inquiring minds and igniting an interest in the STEM domain.  It is well understood that one of the best ways to build real skills is to apply learning in different ways, and the Activity Kits do just that – presenting concepts that the children will have seen at school and allowing them to use that knowledge differently.

Each Activity Kit is designed to take a week, with activities for 4 days.  Each day will take between 10 and 20 minutes when it is convenient for the child.  Sometimes you will find that the child becomes so involved that they lose track of time and they take longer, and this is fantastic.  The kits are designed to be self-guided to allow the child to work independently and at their own pace.  They show how STEM is a part of our lives while presenting a different approach to learning.

But what about all the other resources out there?

There is a wealth of resources and free activities and guides out there.  STEM Nest Activity Kits are different in several ways.  They are:

  • Tied to the new Australian Curriculum to help reinforce what the children are learning at school
  • Australian made and owned, so no use of language or measurements that might confuse
  • It is all done for you, just let the child open the package and explore.  Activities in themselves are an “invitation to explore”
  • No need to shop for supplies, to decipher the information, or set things up
  • Ability to influence the direction of the activities
  • Regular competitions to get involved and take STEM learning further

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